Etonity, Lindfield

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An luxury apartment complex desperately needed a identity, from name to logo. to signage to website, to a artistic 3D model to add to various marketing materials

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Etontiy, or rather Eton Court came to us with an old logo that was focused on the idea of Jacarandas and their beautiful colours, however there are no jacarandas in the vicinity of this project, and the idea was really odd to us, after we submitted a few logo concept based on Jacarandas, the developers agreed and tasked us to first find a name that is unique to this site, and conveys the idea of its uniqueness.

So naming was the first step for this graphics design process, that ultimately, adds great amounts of value, through graphic and web design.

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We brain stormed and submitted about a dozen of ideas through, based on suggestions by the client, but there was a name that came up by one of our Photographer, William, at the very early stages while he was taking location shots, that always was a standout, this seems the way in the creative process, those ideas come from a moment of brilliance is always the best.

The client agreed, and we went on to submit multiple concepts of fonts, colours and combinations, and the rest, as they say, is graphics design Sydney history.

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