Top Plus Demolition and Excavation

Logo Design, Branding, Web Design, Photography, Copy Writing/Document Design

Top Plus Demolition and Excavation's goals are very simple - to create a responsive and fast loading website that looks good on the computer and on the smartphone, and to set it self apart from other similar businesses through graphic design and photography.

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Apart from the logo, the client did not have much to provide for the content of the website and does not have the time to write down their message to fill up an entire website, therefore after an efficient meeting, we are able to convey their message through our copy writing team.

And in order to stand out from the competition, we did extensive research on other excavation companies and even other tradesmen such as electricians, and we've noticed that most photos on the websites are very low quality, this is very understandable as most construction site photos are taken on the phone and very quickly as other priorities calls, however this created a rather "messy" and unprofessional feeling to the website, and this is especially picked up in the sub-conscious where website builders use generic stock photos with much higher pixel density and completely different colour tones, the stark contrast is very uneasy on the eye and really in our opinion, sends the wrong message through the website. 

This is why, we provided all images through professional photography, and the end result should speak for it self, where all images are sharp, follow the theme colours and conveys the message of highest standard of professionalism and cleanliness.

So if a professional trades website is what you require. please feel free to contact us here at JW Design Co.